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    How do you get usb drives to work with linux?

    Wassup people!!!

    I've got a dell 128 mb usb drive and i'm not too sure on how to get it to work under linux!!

    1. How do you mount the usb drive?
    2. Do we need to install extra drivers?

    My machine specs:
    dell inspiron 500m
    kernel upgarded to 2.4.22

    thanks a bunch anybody that can offer some help!!!

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    i don't know about the drivers, but when i installed my RH9, the USB drivers where already there. i guess the hardware was probed, and since it found USBs there, then it installed the right drivers for those things.

    if you see "USB something" on boot, then i guess your USB drivers are there and working fine. do a dmesg and grep to see if you got USB.

    as for the mounting, these thumb drives/flash disks are treated as SCSI. so you mount it like you would other IDE drives, except that you place /dev/SDA1 instead of HDA1. it could differ in your case. i mount it using SDA1 as the block device, since that's where it's assigned when i looked for it. couldn't remember where i looked but it was autodetected on boot, and i looked on a few files to know where it's at.

    hope this helps.
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    Hey xylex_blaiste,

    alrity, i noticed that my usb drive is recognised as sda1 under my hardware browser but how do you mount the device then?? (This may sound easy but i'm still a newbie!!!!) Specifically, what is the command for it?

    I tried mount -t fat16 /dev/sda1 /home/<username>/usbdriver but it says that the filesystem is not supported by linux. But in my hardware browser, it says that my usb file system is fat16!!!

    Any light that can be shed will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    mount -t fstype /dev/sda* <dir where you want it mounted>

    in my case it's:

    mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb

    try reading the manual for mount as i can't recall for now which fs type fat16 belongs to. but fat32 should be vfat. there's dos if i'm not mistaken.

    it's a good idea to mount your devices such as floppies, CDs and this USB drive in the /mnt dir. although you could mount it anywhere. make a directory there that you should use for this device. on my experience, linux makes a floppy and cdrom directory in dir /mnt when it's installed. you could always add another dir by using the mkdir <name of dir> command. or do it in another way. just make a dir. do this as root. unless you specify that other users can un/mount devices. this is another story. try it as root first.

    so as root do:
    cd /mnt
    mkdir <name of dir>
    then do the mount example above.
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