Hi everyone.
I got this weird clustering / networking setup I want to do
Ok, I realize that this is probably stupid and I should do it the way everyone else does it, but I have my reasons

I want to cluster a group of xboxes, a few computers and my main computer.

the setup is something like this

(4) Xboxes boot Dyne:bolic from DVDROM Drive
(2) P4 Desktops boot Dyne or minimalist OpenMosix Distro from NAS
(1) Main Computer VNC's To main xbox, does most ofd the work there and leaves the cluster of computers and boxes to render and compile

Then the main PC shuts down and leaves the Node Master Xbox to its work

Yeah, the reason for this is I don't want my main computer wasting power and I can't get linux to boot on it andway, plus the P4's and xboxes are way quieter. Also, were ever I go the cluster of xboxes go to so i could pause the work and only take the xboxes and run them headless at a friends house or something.

I got the PC's to network boot dyne (but thinking of using a smaller, floppy based distro since it would use less memory).

The only problem(s) I have are
(A) How do I remote desktop Into the Xbox? VNC or XTERM?
(B) is it possible to do Dual display W/seperate resolutions over VNC? So that the TV can display (for example) the video that is being Rendered or the 3D Images? Then use the Monitor on the main computer to actually do the work?
Yeah, its a messed up set up but I think it makes a great cheap clustering system for a student we space money and noise are an issue. Plus you can always borrow another xbox from a friend and add it to your cluster if your running short on time.

The last thing is .... Is it possible to make a linux distro in one file (I guess just the kernel) that could connect to a network and use NFS to fetch the rest of the files? I know that's probably even weirder than my last question but you see, If you softmod an xbox (don't have a chip) you can't unlock the harddrive so you can't run linux from the harddrive so I figured if I could make an .xbe that would automatically boot and join the cluster, it would make the xbox clustering project so much easier!!

Thanks again,
BTW: If I figure this out, I will release a tutorial and all the files you need to do this