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    Hard Drive With "Non-Removable" Partitions

    I have a 10 gig Western Digital HD that I use for "test runs" of various Linux distros. I am trying to Fdisk & Format this drive back to the full 10 gigs using a Win98SE boot floppy.

    Fdisk shows the folloiwing:

    C: 1 PRI DOS 5726 MB
    __2 EXT DOS 4055 MB
    ____(There are no Logical Drives)

    But when I try to remove the PRI DOS partition I get the message "Cannot remove PRI DOS partition with an EXT DOS partition".
    When I try to remove the EXT DOS partition I get the message "Cannot remove EXT DOS partition with Logical Drive".
    When I try to remove the Logical Drive I get the message "There are NO Logical Drives".

    I suspect what DOS is calling a "Logical Drive" is a left over Linux Swap partition. DOS/Win98SE "knows something is there" it just can't identify it.

    I had this problem before on other Linux HD's I just can't remember how I solved it.
    Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated !!!

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    does qparted from a knoppix cd work?

    make sure the c is the active partition i had the same problem once and can't remember exactly what i did, but think it had something to do with the order i deleted each partition.
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    Another thing you could try is the delpart tool.
    Just go here,
    Put this onto your Win98 floppy, boot with it.
    When you get to the A: prompt, type "delpart"
    Now you will be able to delete any partitions.
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