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    Ultra minimalisic distro for surfing the net

    I have an old laptop (PII 266 MHz, 96 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD) that I want to install linux to and use for surfing the internet. I do only need X and a browser, and no fancy apps other than that (OK, maybe a graphical terminal would be nice too).

    What distro is the right choice? As you see from the hardware specs, I have to keep the system load low, and especially the memory usage.

    I have used linux on daily basis the last three years, so I'm not afraid of text config files or difficult setup procedures.


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    there are millions of threads like this one so you'll be referred shortly to another and this one will be closed. i have one slower than that running debian with xfce window manager that works pretty well. Damn Small Linux is usually the first recommendation for older machines.
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    I'm sure everyone will say the same: Damn Small Linux.
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    18,732's another vote for DSL. It's fast, easy to use, and lightweight.

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    All new members are greatly encouraged to read this thread in the Newbie section of the forum:

    Inside this thread is a link to another thread that answers your very popular question:
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