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    about "rm" command and recycle bin

    I want to know how recycle bin work?! if I use rm command to delete some files and I also need my deleted files go through recycle bin ... ,impossible huh !?!

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    recycle bin is just for when you press DEL in your file manager, rm is to permenantly remove it like you found. I don't think there is any way to tell rm to send stuff to a "recycle bin" of sorts.
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    if you want a "recycle bin" you could do

    $ mkdir /trash

    then use

    $ mv /stuff/to/delete /trash/

    rm is for permenant deletion

    you may want to read the Debian (or the many other) user guides to become familiar w/ all the beauty contained within linux

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    This is for the gnome trash, I'm not sure where KDEs trash is located... But put this somewhere in your users ~/.bashrc:
    alias rm='mv --target-directory ~/.Trash'
    If you now rm a file or directory as that user, it should go to trash. Beware that you have to re-login first!

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