im killing windows. slowly, but i swear im kicking it to the curb. not bcz i cant use it, but im tired of being treated like a criminal, and if any of you have looked into what vista will do to your privacy, ..well, its just going to get worse.

my first step is to replace 3 high-end machines which currently run server 2k3. i want to recycle those machines to workstations, and re-use some older equipment thats gathering dust. these current servers are specialized as i like to keep my server functions isolated as much as possible. im wasting good hardware with windows.

i found a nas-like distro that runs from a floppy, and im definately going to explore that later for my file server, but i want to focus on web server functions now.

i have a p3 550 with 384mb pc100 that i have installed suse 9.3 on, trustix, ubuntu, and rh. suse and rh are too heavy, trustix and ubuntu [ubuntu server install] are command line, which im not ready for. give me some time, mmkay. adding gnome to ubuntus server install added 200mb's of dependancies, which looked suspiciously like the desktop install.

my topic title says it all. if ubuntu had yast, id be all set. my questions to you.... i love ubuntu and use it on one desktop. how can i make it a gui friendly, lightwieght server? or, what distro is already set up like that. i get so confused when i see all the diff versions of so many flavors that im forced to post the uber noob question... which distro is for me? it needs to handle a multi o/s lan, wired & wireless, and support aging, but still good equipment.

i have tried the new trustix ztl beta. the admin panel looks great, but i find it buggy. it "access denied" me when i try to activate it. so maybe its not buggy, maybe i am, but support for trustix has 260 forum members that dont help, so im not going to use it. it looked promising too. 400 meg install, and a remote web based admin panel that is familiar to me bcz it looks similar to a 2k3 admin panel. if anyone succesfully connects to
, from ur root@hostname#, let me know how you managed that trick, and ill revisit it.

thanks in advance for your advice.