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    How to do a "Full System Backup"

    What is the best way to do a complete system back up (applications, settings, etc..)Basically everything. I have a problem with windows and need to do a reinstall and I know it may erase my linux partition. I have two accounts plus root account. I would like to get it on CDRW or something of that type.I dont know if Its possible or is the best method. So if someone could give me instructions on how to do this it would be highly appreciated. I wouldn't worry about it but since their are some program that only work in windows that I need, I need to get this done quickly.

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    You could make images of your partitions with something like Norton Ghost, Acronis TrueImage, or Partimage:

    I usually use TrueImage and it takes about 4 or 5 minutes to make images of my Linux partitions and about the same time to restore them when needed.

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    Windows in one my first half of my drive and it hang so all I have access to is linux (Debian Starge). I still fairly new to linux but I think I would have to us the Partimage program but Im not real familiar with it and don't want to mess up anything at this point. So I want to make sure I understand everything before I start. So maybe you can give me a walk-thru of the steps I need to talk or somthing similiar before I erase everything and find out that the back up wasn't done right and lose everything.

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    The documentation on Partimage seems rather extensive, and quite to-the-point:

    Chapter 3 explains the two operation modes (command line or GUI).
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    So can I make a copy of a partition that I'm already using (Debian "Sarge") because I can't get into windows on the first partition. It hangs before the login screen. I was told that this may not be possible, but If you now how to do this then please let me know other than making copys of the things I want and reinstalling the OS and replaceing with old directories.

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