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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacKuo
    Hmm...forgive me if you think this solution is too easy...but have you considered using a set of USB enclosures/adapters? That turns any IDE hard drive into a hot-pluggable removeable drive. It's fast enough to keep up with 100BaseT. The challenge would be in transparently making hot-plugged USB drives shared over the network.

    But I guess you want to do net-boot as a matter of pride. Maybe this tutorial I once found/bookmarked could help you:
    the USB enclosures are a good idea, they are actually pretty cheap right now as well. i have two that i use, only singles drives, i have 2 120gs, they are modern wonders. they are nice to have. too bad i cant piggy back them like a standard ide., well maybe i can, ill have to open it up. its been a while.

    i will read and learn. i think right now thats what i need to do, things have been stale as of late, and rather boring. waiting for work that may never come it seems. i need a new project.

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    I had a quick look at LTSP and the most recent update was man in April this year.

    I've also had a quick look at the diskless gentoo guide to refresh my memory, but if you want to do this from scratch you're in for some work.

    Step 1 is booting your slave PCs. They still need something like etherboot, pxe or if your feeling brave a Linux BIOS. I've used etherboot and it works like a charm.

    Step 2 is network configuration. This is normally done through dhcp. Most of this is standard but you also specify a filename that etherboot will download via trivial ftp.

    Once that file (kernel) is downloaded etherboot executes it. The kernl needs some method of mounting a root filesystem over the network, usually NFS. It will mount whatever option you pass it in "option root-path ..."

    In theory (and I seriously doubt it's going to be /that/ easy) you have a running systems that just needs some tweaking. After that you'll need to work out how to get the server to mount the shares on the slave PCs.

    This sounds like an interesting (if time consuming) project so please keep us posted and we will help where we can.

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    i had a feeling that a simple a question, would not have the simple anwser i was hoping....

    i was just going through some of the gentoo forums actually. reading about useful things for old computers. interesting stuff.

    i will read the link you sent, it seems interesting. it seems very plausable but seems like alot of work. it may not be, what little i read, seems like things i already thought about, like dhcp and such are alreay set up. ill read it and maybe try a few things. ill post back.

    again thanx


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