Hey Guys,

I'm trying tirelessly to set up a yum repository FOR UPDATES (not for base, devel, etc) on our local network. I've mirrored the directory structure of a CentOS mirror online (ie rpm updates exist in /centos/3/updates/i386/RPMS and /centos/4.2/updates/i386/ and so on.

Here's my problem. At first I started out trying to use yum-arch to "yummify" my repository so that the other machines on the network would know how to use the repository. That didn't end up working for me, plus I got a message that says it is deprecated and that I should instead use createrepo, which creates .xml files instead of the standard header files that yum-arch creates. So I installed createrepo and generated the .xml files.

I have an ftp server set up for on my repository box. Long story short, my yum clients are looking for header files at ftp://location/to/my/rpms/headers/headers.info (the "old" way) while createrepo creates an .xml file in /path/to/my/rpms/repodata/repmd.xml.

OK so first question is: how can I get yum to work with my repo? Then I guess we'll go from there.

Any insight / advice would be greatly appreciated!

thanks a bunch,