Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right forum but hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction.
This is a nasty data recovery problem.

Using the dd command, I wiped out approximately the first 64 MB of my 250 GB disk:
prompt> dd if=./approx64MBfile of=/dev/sdb

I am assuming that the partition table is whacked. I can no longer mount the disk. I am
in the process of dd'ing the contents of the disk to another 500 GB drive, just for a backup
during the recovery process.

To make matters worse, the data that I accidently overwrote my disk with was a disk
image for a small embedded system that fits on a USB flash. Therefore, when i used
the "Steller" data recovery tool (trial) to get a list of the files/partitions on the disk, it
actually finds the two partitions of the dd'd embedded system image. These partitions
are not part of my original disk. It also finds a third partition, which is probably the
remnants of my disk. Unfortunately this tool fails to reconstruct my file system and
present me with list of what it finds.

What I really need is a utility to search through the disk and reverse engineer the file
system. I'm hoping that since I only destroyed the first 64 MB of my disk (albeit an
important 64 MB) I should be able to get most of the 250 GB back.

Does anyone know how to approach this? Or can someone recommend a "best in
class" data recovery tool for ext3, that is NOT based on using an existing partition

Thanks very much in advance for you help!