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    Permissions to see Samba and other shares

    Having recently done a fedora install I was delighted to see that it found all network servers, Samba shares, NIS & NFS.

    Unfortunately the default action will not allow me to open and write fles in these locations.

    How do I correct this? [/img]file://home/ians/Screenshot-Eel.png[img]


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    You want to enable Windos machines to access shares on your linux machine?

    Setup the samba.conf or smb.conf in the /etc directory and reboot the samba server. The location of the configuration file differs per distro.
    But usualy it's /etc/samba and the file is named eiter samba.conf or smb.conf

    Here is an example: :P

    # Global parameters
            workgroup = MYWORKGROUP
            netbios name = LINUX
            server string = My Linux Server
            security = SHARE
            encrypt passwords = Yes
            update encrypted = Yes
            log file = /var/log/samba.%m
            preferred master = False
            local master = No
            domain master = False
            lock dir = /var/tmp
            default service = homes
            comment = Home Directories
            read only = No
            browseable = No
            path = /opt/public
            read only = No
            comment = All Printers
            path = /var/spool/samba
            printable = Yes
            browseable = No
    Remember: The access level is defined as PER SHARE.
    Make sure you log in with a name that has an account on you machine.
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    problem is with the fedora client

    The Samba set up is fine and windows clients can see and write to shares.

    The Fedora box I have just set up can also see the shares but I get a dialogue box entitled "Can't Open Location" which says:

    The default action can't open "filename" because it can't access files at "smb" locations. No other actions are available to view this file. If you copy this file onto your computer, you may be able to open it.



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