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Thread: Linux Newbie

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    Linux Newbie


    I wonder if anyone can help this is rather a subjective view that I'm asking for but one that I feel is necessary. I am a complete novice when it comes to Linux. I'm looking for a distro to put on my pc but am lost as soon as I look at the amount choice there is. Can anybody advise.

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    Try taking this small linux distro test, at the end it will give you a list of distro for you to choose from for beginners.

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    you could look into this topic :

    I would suggest knoppix for a start. With knoppix you can play with tons of linux softwares, without risking your harddisk for installation. Once you're confident with knoppix, time to move on.

    Next step I would suggest fedora core. Very user friendly installation, a "standard" distro with precompiled rpm binary packages scattered over the net.

    If you're looking for more simplistic and compact linux solution, I suggest slax, a slackware based live distro, this is my very own favorite. Only 200 mb in size (500mb installed) but already provides all basic usage solutions (office, chat, server, browsing, multimedia, etc). Slax are also installable. For the packages it can use slackware packages, you can find them at site such as

    hope that helps

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    You are right, which distro to use is a completely subjective topic, best covered by the link stubbe posted above.
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