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    Laptop Converted Into HTPC


    before you guys start flaming me, there is a few things i would like to say.
    1: yes, i am new to this forum and to the linux community.
    2: yes, i do know there are about a gazillion articles about mythtv and freevo and yes i did read some of them.

    So let's start by giving my problem:
    I have a Laptop that i use for design related work. I tried doing this on ubuntu, but even if gimp is a great program, it just isn't anywhere near the adobe suite. so i need windows (not a big fan of mac, pure preference, difference is neglligible). But When i get home from work, i would really like to hook up my laptop to my scart cable, plug in my audio and power and start using my laptop for HTPC features. And I would like to do this on linux, because waiting for Vista sucks because i have to pay for it anyway. Linux is free. free rulez
    I also used ubuntu to try and get this to work. Mythtv and freevo just wouldn't install correctly. Probably because i was using the 64 bit distro and the packages are not developed yet for it. also i do not have a TV tuner. i am one of those rare people these days that does not watch tv, except movies on dvd or divx.
    So, what would i like to know?
    1: what linux distro should i use? I am pretty new to all this, i know some linux, but i would not exactly call myself intermediate let a lone expert.
    2: what should i use? mythtv or freevo?

    anyways. i hope you guys can help me. Cheerio!


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    1. Whatever distro you use is probably irrelevant, there is little difference between the packages the come with - they're built from very similar source versions. You're better off picking one that you're comfortable with.

    2. If the packages are free, why dont you try them both and see which one you get along best with (now dont go asking me which you should try first...)
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