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    Strange problems connecting to a web site

    I'm having some problems with startlogic that I've never seen before and I don't even know how it's possible. When in Windows I can't connect to their website. In Linux I can. I have 3 computers on my network and this is the same for all of them. One of my friends who's on a different ISP can't connect to it either (in Windows, he doesn't have Linux). My other friend who lives down the road and is on the same ISP can connect from Windows. He sent me the IP address for startlogic he got and although I can ping the IP address I can't connect directly to it in my browser, he can. Through Linux I'm connecting to the same IP as him. So we have 5 different machines, in 3 different areas. 1 can connect through Windows (who's on the same ISP as me), I can through Linux only, and someone else on a different ISP can't. Does anyone know what might be causing this.

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    Absolutely no idea... Sounds really weird.
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    Assuming you can always ping the URLs (from whatever work station or OS) can you access the site if you enter just the IP address instead of the normal URL? For example if an IP is try entering that into the address bar, then hit enter. Does that give you access? If so I think I may have an idea (old problem) ... If not - like Kojak - I'll just have to say 'Who loves ya baby!'

    PS: Which browsers are you using in each case?
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