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    cancelling a selected init/telinit call

    can one cancel a selected init call on boot? like if i defaulted to #5 but want to boot to #3, can i do this without having to change the inittab settings? no rescue mode, no floppy boot or whatsoever.. . just intercept an ongoing boot then switch to another.

    i'm just asking since i came into a situation the other day when my PS/2 mouse suddenly went dead (like zilch, nada, zero response) while X was up and running. i was still able to use the keyboard to reboot. i thought the mouse cable must've gone loose or something. so i tightened it to the port and booted my machine... it reaches the nvidia splash and stays there for an unusuallylong time (say 10 seconds) and then no keyboard or mouse on GUI login. i couldn't do anything!

    so i got an old serial mouse and plugged it in. i remembered i turned off kudzu at all levels, so it didn't autodetect. so i was still stuck with the no keyboard and no mouse situation. good i had linuxconf, which i never bothered at all (i just installed it there, don't know why), and so at boot it pauses for 20secs at the linuxconf part, and there i was able to switch to init 3. now everything's ok. so is there something i can do similar to what linuxconf service does? let's just say, what if i didn't install linuxconf.. .
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    In lilo (sorry, don't know about GRUB) you can do something like this: "linux runlevel". So if you wanted to boot in runlevel 3, you would just enter "linux 3".

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    why dont u want to edit inittab, u only need to change 1 number.

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    ya i could do that, but i set my init at 5. what if that which i described above happens again? anyway, i was just asking if there was a way to intercept a boot by pressing some keys/combos, probably, and change the init to another level. or maybe this should be done from the bootloader stage.. .?
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    Yeah, there are many good reasons to boot temporarily into another runlevel. In GRUB, you can just press the 'a' key and add the runlevel you want to boot into to the kernel command line.

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