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    x360 Windows Media Connect for Linux?


    I am running a FC5 PC/Server sorta thing that has all my mp3's on it.
    I have set up FTP, SAMBA + my web server etc.
    I use samba to share the files on the network and it works a treat. I consider myself rather linux savvy.

    But.... my boss at work gave me an xbox 360 and I hooked it up to the tv in the lounge and connected it to the network. But I cant stream movies/mp3's off my FC machine.

    Xbox 360 required this crap windows media connect thing which i installed on my windows notebook. But I mean this laptop only has a 80gb hdd. And I need that space for other stuff so i want to stream the files off my linux box. Has anyone seen a linux application that will run on my redhat/fc box?

    any suggestions appreciated.

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    I thought of an idea to do this.
    I can get another machine (maybe a VM using VMware server the free version) and run WMC on that or win xp. Then map it to my linux box.

    I will let people know if this works. I got heaps of traffic available on my network

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    Did the VMware server work for you? Did you find another solution? I just got my wife converted over to Mac for her business, so I'd like to convert my last Windows box the Linux. However the Xbox 360 Media Connect is the only function that is preventing this.

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    The xbox 360, and most of the media players such as the dlink's and whatnot are built around upnp, you do not need windows, or windows media center to connect to these devices.

    This is a free media server that is compatable with the xbox 360 as well as a wide range of other devices, granted it hasnt been ported to linux, but the vmware idea was your self up a simple windows xp vmware image with this software installed..and your good to go!!

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    Thanks for the response. I didn't realize that the Xbox 360 was using an open standard... how un-Microsoft-like of them. I don't really know much about UPnP yet. I looked around some and there appears to be two interesting Linux candidates....



    MythTV looks interesting as well and I have some previous experience with it. However, it may be a bit bloated for what I really want.

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