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    yet another question.. . =)

    i was wondering, i don't suppose that when one wishes to register for free mail, let's say yahoo, yahoo would create a new user space for you in the same way that you would add a new user in a linux system, right? i mean, if that were the case, there would be thousands and thousands of users on a system and ain't there a limit to it?

    the reason i had to ask this is because a classmate of mine will be working on a project (actually a group project, and rest assured that this is not my project) and they are doing something like a free mail service much like those already out there. now each stude in our local Univ is given a linux account, where all projects, quizzes, etc are stored/uploaded for the teacher to check. that's where they should place this proj.

    now they could create/add users and store these in a database for referencing, but how the hell are they gonna pull off a replyable address? like, i have an account in my school's server, anyone could mail me thru username@hostname. but with their proj and somebody registers for the free mail, they can't give out a user@hostname, coz that user doesn't exist.

    is there some sort of a trick to doing this? i'm just asking if possible or not, k guys, not a solution.
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    It's very likely that there is an account for each user. In the older days, 16-bit UIDs were used, so you could only have 65536 users (minus the system accounts, so probably more likely 65036 users). Nowadays, however, almost all UNIX systems (including Linux) use 32-bit UIDs, so you can have around 4 billion users. That's at least the majority of the earth's population. ;-)

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    wow, that many?! i was under the impression that it was still under 65000. imagine maintaining all that?

    ok nevermind the "other question." i suppose you could always do something with the mail headers to make it look like it's really from this address, when in fact it's just a fake. just a matter of formatting.. .

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