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    This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while

    So I was doing a google search (I don't even remember now after laughing too much, but it had Linux and Windows in the search) and the second result was an article written by a Windows MCSE. It's title is "Windows vs. Linux on the Server and the Desktop". In the description it had “…how not to be sued…”, so I took a look.

    Here are some highlights, but read the whole article to get the full impact.

    all of my buddies at work use Windows Media Player 9 to rip, mix and burn CDs that we can't share with each other or play in the car, we are extremely excited about the Windows Media Player 10 beta that comes integrated with Advanced Server 2003. Now we can rip, mix and burn right on the server! Try getting a streaming video, DVD, CD, mp3, wma, and active content player all tightly integrated into a Linux server. Not likely!

    I especially like the four games it comes with - Hearts, FreeCell (so addictive!), Minesweeper, and Solitaire. It's easy to see why XP is considered the ultimate platform for gamers.

    Why doesn't Linux come with any defragmenting tools

    No way would I run a Linux operating system if it means I can't connect to America Online.

    where is Microsoft Office for Linux, Windows Media Player for Linux and Outlook Express for Linux? Nowhere to be found. If I can't type a letter, make a spreadsheet, or email anyone with Linux, why on earth would I ever put it on my desktop?”
    After reading it all, I hope that you understand that it is a joke article. It took me a couple of minutes to let it soak in. I was convinced that it could come from a MCSE without a problem.

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    I thought that was hilarious.

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    hahaha, oohhhhh, more please! my sides still hurt
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    Well, it looks like the site is just back up and running from a year or two of down time. Some of the articles are not ver PS, so take a look at you own risk, but the two tech articles are very funny, hopefully there will be more now they are back.

    Here's the second (it's actually the first, but the second I found).

    http://<a href="http://www.divisiont...ows_no.htm</a>

    I really like his sig at the bottom

    Jorge Lopez is a DeVry graduate with an MCSE certification and is currently working as a Windows LAN Administrator.

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