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    ReiserFS and JFS

    Im looking at ReiserFS and JFS right now as filesystems do to the fact that I want to try something different, I was wondering if anyone who has had experence with these FS could offer some words of wisdom?

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    Linux Engineer Javasnob's Avatar
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    I use ReiserFS for everything except my /boot partition, and it works really well. I haven't heard anything about JFS, though.
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    There's a long comparison of filesystems at the end of this Wiki page. It looks like JFS supports a few more features than Reiser.

    I don't know much about JFS (other than that it's a journaling filesystem, much like ext3 and Reiser), but after reading an article about Reiser I was pretty impressed by it. Reiser took the b-tree idea that Microsoft uses in NTFS and tweaked it until it worked right for all kinds of files, large and small (which they claim Microsoft gave up on long ago). Resier4 is also supposed to support metadata (which Microsoft also recently ditched), but it hasn't been merged into the Linux kernel yet.
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    Yeah: I recently switched from ext3 to Reisfer for everything but /boot, and it works marvelously. I don't know if it's just my perception or not, but it seems that things are running and accessing a lot faster under Reiser than they did under ext3.

    I dunno much about JFS, but hey, you can always just give it a shot. Might be awesome.

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    I'll second that Cabhan, I find it much faster. Maybe it's perception but the biggest thing I noticed was browsing something like /usr/bin became doable in konqueror whereas befor I suffered with it. I too have excluded /boot on many install to be safe, but more recently I don't bother and format all of the system as reiserfs. This works fine for me,at least on SUSE.

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