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    Linux Live Scripts

    Ive got an install of linux on one computer and would like to use it on another i686 computer. I was planning on doing this by using the linux live scripts.

    How do I setup things like fstab before I run the scipts? This is a resonably simple question which im finding really hard to word!

    An example would be say knoppix; this will detect hard drives, partitions and cd rom drives etc and will configure itself so that it can work on any PC. Will the scripts also have an "open" fstab so that I can put the live cd in various computers which would need a different fstab to work correctly.

    I hope this makes sense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeus123
    I hope this makes sense!
    Errr, well not really. I haven't used any Linux live scripts, but you mentioned Knoppix which I have used a lot. It contains its own fstab file, so I can't see that there's any real problem there.

    It's possible to write your own fstab (though some applications will add their own entries). You could do this in a text editor if you wanted. This might be worth reading.

    I suppose everything else depends on the advice given in this site, and any manuals which ship with the scripts.
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    I think the answer to my query is that knoppix uses fstab-sync.

    If I understand fstab-sync correctly; it writes an fstab file when linux is booting, custom to the system its booting on.

    I just need to find out if the linux scripts will add this or if I need to add it.

    Thanks for your reply

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