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    New computer help

    If this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it. Thanks!

    I'm building a home computer, not really a gamer (note me buying Intel over AMD) but I do run ubuntu (well...dual boot ) and do really want to get XGL working on it.

    Here is what I have built from newegg with my roughly $1200 budget:


    Hard drive

    Monitor (sadly, I have a laptop currently...)

    Graphics card



    Last but not least



    I feel this will be a very solid system. Any flaws that you see or any areas where I can shave off some money?! The dual core processor is a must because I multitask all the time.

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    With a dual-core processor and that graphics card, I can potentially see some problems with your power supply. 350W is just not enough. Generally speaking, for a computing like that, you should have about 500W, but since most PSU manufacturers don't balance the rails, and none do it intelligently (read dynamically), I'd go with 600W. Anything less than that could burn out quite easily. I had this problem with an NVidia 6800GT and a single-core Intel a while back. At first, the computing would start fine, except I'd get complaints from the graphics card driver that the card wasn't getting enough power, then it'd start up without a display, then nothing at all--the PSU burned out.
    Speaking of burning things out, this is really an aside, but w/e. Make sure your connectors go in right. It's not a pleasant feeling, smelling something, then looking inside to see your floppy drive (or something worse) burned at the power connector. Same computer.
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    I actually was just considering that factor. Thanks!

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