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Thread: Distro in 1 CD

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    Distro in 1 CD

    Does any one know any common linux distrobution under 1 CD?

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    Looking at the top 20 at DistroWatch I know that Zenwalk is one 1 CD, and I'm thinking PCLinuxOS is on just 1 CD. I'm betting some of the others in the top 20 are also available on 1 cd.

    Maybe some of the others can provide more input.

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    VectorLinux is one cd. Mepis as well
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    Knoppix. I am currently using Version 5.something (There is also a DvD version, but I don't have a DvD Burner yet....) the Knoppix version has some things that are quite useful.

    Also you will find further links to more specialized versions under a Video thread: OldCPU suggests some linux distributions to try out Video editing.. before going through all that installation effort .. worked well for me: I was able to test the application before actually installing it.

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    Ubuntu (plus its variants) and as mentioned Mepis, which has now switched base from Debian to Ubuntu. Both run as live CDs and are fully installable with the deb source files on the disc. Also both have always had very good hardware support.

    Ubuntu is Gnome, Mepis and Kubuntu are KDE, Xubuntu is XFCE.
    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Mepis was absorbed and became a replacement for Kubuntu as it is a lot more polished and now shares the Ubuntu base.

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    Pretty much any distro can be made to install with 1 CD provided you have access to broadband internet. I've installed Debian, Mandrake, Slackware, Ubuntu, MEPIS, Vector, and a few others without ever burning more than 1 CD. For Debian, and it's derivatives, you're going to need broadband one way or the other, so no problem there. Slackware, and it's derivatives (such as ZenWalk and Vector), are pretty easy as well, specially if you don't need one of the big DEs (Gnome or KDE). All you need is the first CD then tell the installation program that you want to use the online repos.
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    The reason I asked this question is that my internet speed is 128Mb/s.
    Don't worry I have 5 Mb/s now (1Mb/s send speed)

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