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    grub kernel arguments for freedos

    i am attempting to make a multibooting usb flash drive, which will contain a couple of live linux distros, a windows PE and freedos. however i am new with grub and booting, from what i understand you boot an OS with grub by using the contents of isolinux.cfg if available. i have obtained the latest (today) fdbootcd.iso from here
    which i belive is verison beta9sr2, and extracted it to a 42 megabyte fat32 partition in my usb fladh drive. the relevent contents of isolinux.cfg are as follows
    kernel data/memdisk

    append initrd=data/FDBOOT.IMG floppy=0

    and from this i have made the following entry in menu.lst for grub

    title FREEDOS
    root (hd0,2)
    kernel /isolinux/data/memdisk floppy=0

    freedos begins to boot and i get the following messeges
    ramdisk at 0x17e86000, length 0x0005a000
    comand line: floppy=0
    disk is floppy 0, 360K, C/H/S =40/2/9
    total size needed = 1901 bytes, alocating 2K
    old dos memory at 0x9f400 (map sais 0x9f400), loadin at 0x9ec00
    1588: 0xffff 15E801: 0x3x00 0x16e8
    int 13 08: success,count = 0, PT - 0000:0000
    old:init13 = f0007c52 init15 = f0007c57
    new init13 = 9ec00008 init15 = 9ec00290
    loading boot sector... booting...
    freedos kernel version 1.1.35w (build 2035w-UNSTABLE, Nov 30 2005)
    kernel compatiblility 7.10 - watcomc - fat32 support

    copyright etc etc etc

    Error in sk
    invalid 0pcode at B39b 0624 0256 06c3 0043 000b 000 0000 0c00 0000 0000 0000 00
    dos mem corrupt, first_mcb=0000
    prev (whole bunch of numbers im not guna type)
    not (same as above)

    PANIC: MCB chain corrupted
    System Halted

    is it not posible to boot freedos with grub in this way? or am i using the wrong arguments?

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    How to Load Kernel when files lost

    When i am moving certain files unfortunately my root files where lost
    mv DirectoryName/ /*
    This command i gave all the system files where lost.

    When i rebooted the system i entered into the grub .

    when i am giving the command boot it is saying to load the kernel.
    plz help in this regard
    Thanking u

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