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    Geekish Applications

    I am looking for different kinds of software that makes my laptop a bit more fun and interesting when showing people the use of Linux and such... This is just for fun and not something i intend to use seriously in my daily work...

    I have spent the weekend looking for apps like that but can't find anything that does what i want it to do. So I post here in hope that you ppl have some suggestions.

    First I am looking for a file manager that is a bit more graphical, kinda like those 3d ones that exists. Those i have looked at is either to lame or doesnt look nice enough

    Other graphical stuff that show processes, and other fun stuff...

    Also matrix inspired apps are of interest...

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    I don't know much about those, as I don't really use graphical applications myself, but an easy way to find out would be to look at some screenshots.

    For example, screenshots at :

    have a list beneath the shots of the "Applications used in this screenshot".
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    Have you tried XGL yet? An interesting file manager tool I have found is the file-size viewer in Konqueror. It makes all of the files the size they are in relation to each other. Kind of looks like a circuitboard.

    If you like the matrix, the glmatrix screensaver is quite nice and used in conjunction with XGL and xwinwrap it can be your wallpaper. There are plenty of nice karamba themes with everything from the Zion display to widgets for monitoring every element of your system. Try

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosp
    Other graphical stuff that show processes, and other fun stuff...
    Take a look at Superkaramba, Adesklets, and/or Gdesklets for some interesting eye-candy. Gkrellm, or Conky might also be of use.

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    In the interests of being strange and obscure - and possibly even a bit odd - have you considered trying the new Fish shell ? It would make a change from using Bash and earn you plenty of geek points.

    Everyone likes music don't they? Maybe look at Amarok. That should raise some interest. Also, how about getting one of your Matrix DVDs and playing it on Xine? I think multimedia has a bit of a wow factor when demonstrating something - as long as it actually works!
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    Thanks for the replys, will see if there are any interesting things there...

    I wasnīt sure exactly how i should describe those apps i am in search of... but it is more like toys maybe than regular admintools or whatever...

    The app that got me curious were tdfsb which can be found at:

    The main issue for me with that is that i do not have vram (a real graphics card) on my laptop... its some bogus graphics thing that uses some of my ram instead of real video memory... donīt know what thats called but anyway...

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    If you are looking for pure eyecandy sort of stuff, take a look at XGL and Compiz. When you combine them together, you can get all sorts of 3d effects:

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