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    GNU crosscompiler tools for ARM11

    Does anybody developed GNU crosscompiler tools for ARM11.
    If so please let me know the versions of the tools you used.
    Because i am trying to develop an application which has to run on IMX31/(ARM11). My host system is with suse10 and Intel processor.

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    Hey, sorry I missed this question earlier. I've never used an ARM machine, but I compile and use GCC cross compilers that run on Linux and build code for Windows (Mingw32) and AVR (Atmel microcontrollers).

    Looking in the gcc-4.1.1 source code, I see gcc/config/arm/arm-cores.def contains a bunch of architecture-specific stuff including 60 apparently supported core variants: strongarm110, arm1136j-s, etc.

    You'll have to know the canonical architecture name of the ARM target you are building for. The config.guess script will help you figure it out, which may be armeb-unknown, arm-unknown, arm-unknown-riscos, etc.

    This is how I build my cross compiler for AVR:

    1. Build binutils first (substantially the same as gcc) and install
    2. Untar the gcc-VER source into /usr/local/src/gcc-VER (you can put it whereever you want)
    3. Create a subdirectory 'build-avr'
    4. In the subdirectory run
      ../configure --target=avr --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --disable-shared --disable-nls --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-libssp
      (Note that there is currently an outstanding bug with libssp for embedded targets)
    5. make
    6. make install
      This puts the tools in subdirectories of /usr/local/avr and puts copies in /usr/local/bin, but the copies have names like avr-gcc instead of gcc.

    Then when I compile code in my project, I set variables in my Makefile (as and ld come from binutils):
    CC := avr-gcc
    AS := avr-as


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