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    Skype Echo Problem

    I had installed the latest Skype Beta Version on a Suse 10.0. Test worked fine, but whoever phoned me complained about a bad echo on the line. One friend was not even able to connect at all: we only heard funny noises.

    Found one remedy on a Windows Skype forum: I disabled the Mic as "Playback" device and only switched it on as "recording" device. (Kmix, switch off the green LED and switch on the red one for "Input" Mic ). This improved the problem a lot.

    Then I disabled everything on the "Input" tray except for "Mic" and "Capture" which both only have the red LED "on" and are put to full volume. On the "Output" card only "Master" and "PCM" are on. (I basically disabled everything not needed for Skype) this still improved things a bit.

    Most Skype partners now consider the remaining small echo acceptable, only one who uses an old windows skype version still complains.

    I thought I might post this here.. maybe someone else has the problem and the real problem with this is that you need a friend at the other skype end to really test this..... If anybody knows a remedy to really fix this I 'd be glad to read it.

    According to the Windows forum this seems to occur only with some soundcards.

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    Skype Echo????

    I am still playing with skype and need to pick the Microphone with headset.....

    Giving the echo will come up everytime because the microphone is picking up the speakers. thus giving you an echo. or am I just assuming that you dont have a Microphone headset thing?

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    Hi !

    .. sorry, I forgot to mention that. Of course I use a headset and turn down the speakers when Skyping. Otherwise the Echo would be normal.

    So do my skype partners.

    The echo must be caused by something in the software or on the soundcard, I had also performed some additional experiments with unplugging headset, unplugging mic and asking my partner to talk.. the echo remained.

    Again: the symptom is that everything seems to be OK on my side, while the other sides have the problem... so the fix needs to be applied on my side.

    Tonight a friend will stop over with his laptop, then I can hear myself how bad that echo really is.

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    Same problem


    I've the same problem. I'm using an headset and I get feedback of my own voice. When I use the same headset on Windows, I don't get this problem.

    I'm on Kubuntu.

    Any idea?


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