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    Keystroke Sound Effect?

    I was sitting around watching the sci-fi channel, and nerd/geek movies, as usual, and see how all the keyboards played some kind of sound effect on the keystroke event. Now I was wondering if it is possible to bind a sound file .wav/.mp3/etc to the keydown event.

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    I can think of a rather simple solution for IceWM ( ):
    in ~/.icewm/keys add some lines like this:
    # the file contains comments on the key namings at the start
    key "XF86Search"                      play "/mnt/private/frekla/sounds/Computer/Specify Search Parameters.wav"
    key "F13"                      play /mnt/private/frekla/sounds/Beeps/beep.wav
    If you have some special keys(like the "windows-key" or some "www"/"email" button) that aren't bound to any functions this thread might be of help if you want to assign them with a keycode:

    (I'm a Trekkie so I know the desire for those "natural/logcal" sounds the computer should emit To bad I don't know any voice commander for linux :/ )
    Regards Scienitca (registered user #335819 - )
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    scientica this is the aplication you need:) :

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