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    entire filesystem rw

    due to an spelling-error in a shellscript i tried a shell-variable was not found and the entire filesystem got rewritten with "chmod 600".
    Now there is the little problem with all scripts and programs being non-executable. Is there anything that can be done at this point?
    When doing a shell command (except "cd") there is always - not unexpected - a "Permission denied" error.
    Will a restart do any good? I get the feeling, there will be no start after a shutdown ...
    Would be nice if anyone had some particular knowledge on this field.

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    hi oh_no !!!

    i think reboot would create problems... you changed pernission of entire file system... it means you executed that script as root... this should not be done........
    root is used for maintainance only...

    well !! i think you need LiveCd now...
    boot through Live Cd and change permission.......

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    Hi devil_caspar,
    thx for answering.
    Given the fact that the system is on a (v)Server that might prove difficult. But I didn't think of that and just asked the provider, wether or not it's doable.
    The script was running as root since it was creating a system-wide backup. Irony at its best ...

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