Hi all,

I'm trying to make a custom boot iso for my Novell SLES9 systems for autoinstall, basically I want to modify the isolinux.cfg and put it back. The issue I'm having is I follow the following directions, and the mounted filesystem is 1.2GB, instead of the 625MB image size.

When I create the new ISO, it is 1.1/1.2GB in size, which is far too large and I would like to understand why the filesystem size is so much bigger when I mount the original ISO, modify the new directory and then make my new ISO.

Any help would be great, thanks everyone.

Here are the directions I'm using:

mkdir /mnt/suseiso /mnt/suseisonew
cd /mnt/suseisonew
mount -o loop -t iso9660 -rw /path/to/boot.iso /mnt/suseiso
cp -pr /mnt/suseiso/* /mnt/suseisonew/
chmod +w /mnt/suseisonew/boot/loader/isolinux.cfg
vim /mnt/suseisonew/boot/loader/isolinux.cfg

Edit the file so the top looks something like this:

default autoyast

# autoyast
label autoyast
kernel linux
append initrd=initrd ramdisk_size=65536 showopts ip=dhcp install=nfs:// autoyast=

Create the Boot CD ISO

# cd /mnt/suseisonew
# mkisofs -r -o /tmp/bootcd.iso -b boot/loader/isolinux.bin -c boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table /mnt/suseisonew/

You must be in the directory of the new boot cd for this command to work!

Instructions taken from: http://tirpitz.iat.sfu.ca/wiki/index...toyast_Boot_CD