Hoping some here might be familiar with Alt-N's mDaemon (www.altn.com) I am looking for an alternative to run under Linux. Although I find mDaemon to be one of the absolute best mail servers out there for my needs, I do have a need though for Linux based.

Now the mail server component is no issue. Any basic Fedora or Suse install can provide me with IMAP. Heck, if I want to I can install Open-Xchange. The problem is, with mDaemon comes the WorldClient IM and e-mail client. And this is where I get stuck finding an alternative. I have recently scoured through some Jabber clients, but to date all our pure IM. The WorldClient functions as both an Instant Messenger as well as direct connection to the mail server to show/alert e-mails, how many in whatever folder, etc..

I guess what I am long-winded trying to ask is this, is anyone familiar with a IM type client similar to WorldClient that I can use to connect with any standard IMAP server? Note, this does have to have a Windows version as well since 80% of the clients run Windows. Ideally I would like a IM client that would be tightly integrated to the e-mail server. As for the webbased function of WorldClient, that is already solved by Groupoffice. Basically I would like users to be able to get a listing of their e-mail, or notifications of new e-mail, via the IM client. The only reason we have not switched away from mDaemon is because of the Worldclient IM/e-mail integration.