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    Live CD question

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a free live linux CD, that includes most of the normal stuff, and allows the user to write to the harddrive, and permentantly save files creatred using the live CD.

    Any ideas?

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    Here's a listing of live-cds you can look through and pick the one you like:

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    It should be noted that as long as a hard drive is mounted rw, any LiveCD can write to it.

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    I've tried changing the folder permissions(by right clicking on the folder), I get a error message that I can't. Different messages with different distros.

    Is there a way to "force" the change?

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    hi steelbender !!!

    writing in FAT32 is not a problem at all... as Cabhan wrote "try rw"...
    for linux... you can't...
    even if you mount as "rw"... permission problems...
    by default, others have only read and execute permission... boot up HardDisk's OS... log in as root... change the permissions to write for others... use LiveCd to write....

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    Right. You actually have to remount the drive.

    First off, let it be noted that writing to NTFS is essentially unsupported, so you won't have luck with this. If you have FAT32, then you need to do this. Note that I'm assuming you want /dev/hda1: if I'm wrong, change it. Do the following from a terminal, as root (run the 'su' command to become root):
    umount /dev/hda1
    mount -o rw,users /dev/hda1
    We have now remounted /dev/hda1 with rw permissions and accessible to all users.

    Let us know how that goes.

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