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    Unhappy all my folders are now empty -eeekkkk

    recently added a new 2x 300 gb hard drive linux computer to my 2 win xps on a network. I know nothing of linux - the new machine was to act as a storage and back up device. It apparently has raid 1.
    So i had to copy all my stuff across - 60 Gb - check it had gone over ok and then delete from my working computers ( graphic designer )
    all went over ok - took about 3 days.

    Several days later when i went to get something i found that all my files and folders were there but all the stuff in them has dissappered - eeeekkkk
    any random files that were not in folders are still there but all the folders are now 'empty'
    where has all my stuff gone...
    the techies who put in the system ( windows guys im told ) cannot find the stuff either and say i must have accidentally deleted it all ,...... yeah!!

    help, can anybody advise...
    the onlt thing i have access to on the linux is my files and have no idea about linux --
    looking for a local linux gguy but there arent many here....

    slowly tearing my hair out - have managed to rescue some stuff from my deleted windows files .. any advice would be helpful

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    I'm not sure I can be of any help, but at least I can keep your thread listed as current.

    Are you sure the files aren't there? You might look in an application like a file browser. Another thing you might try is

    cd / (which takes you to the highest directory), and then

    locate foo (where foo is any part of a filename or directory)

    Yet another thing you might do is go into one of your "folders" (directories) and enter

    ls -al

    This should list all of the files in that directory, whether they are "hidden files" (beginning with ".") or not, and give you information about their size, last modification date, etc.

    Another possibility is that you copied over the files when you were logged in as root ("administrator" in windows jargon), and when you later try to look at them as a normal user, you don't seem them because a normal user doesn't have permission to "see" them (have read permission). Try looking for them with root privileges. Either log in as root and try ls -al in a particular directory or "become" root within a normal user account by entering either

    sudo ls -al (tells computer you intend to do this command as root, a "super user")

    where you give the password of the normal user that was created when you installed your account



    where you will be propted to enter root's password.

    You might also try to find out how much of your hard drive actually has data on it by looking for the size of your usage within a graphical file browser or by entering


    at the command line. If it indicates that ~60 GB of data is stored on your disk, you know that your "missing" files are actually on there somewhere.

    I would also post your question to the forums and They are very "busy" forums, with lots of knowledgable people eager to be of assistance.

    It is very important to use informative subject titles, as people scan for things in which they have experience/knowledge, and some forum moderators will actually lock threads which are ambiguously titled, depriving you of help in your hour of need.

    I hope you are able to locate your "lost" files. For important data, it is imperative to keep multiple backups, stored on separate machines/media, and even in separate physical locations (think fire damage, flooding, etc.). Most people who use linux machines to backup data actually back them up using tape drives, rewritable DVD's/CD's, zip drives, floppies, etc. For smaller amount of data, you can use something like gmail to "send" yourself data and store copies on google's webservers. But again, you are ultimately responsible for the safety/preservation of your data (don't exclusively rely on anything over which you have no ultimate control).

    As your thread indicates, you realize that data persists on a computer after deletion. There are professional services offering data restoration/retrieval.

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    possibly relevant article

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    great advice

    Ehawk thanks for your advice... i think im not 'techy' enough. the linux computer i have on my system is just named 'fileserver' in my windows computer - and available sometimes via my password and sometimes not..

    I can see the list of folders on the fileserver all with subfolders etc yet most ( not all ) the folders are 0 bytes empty...

    Somehow I have to see the operating system of the linux computer
    perhaps by attaching a monitor to it as I cant get any info that even says how much is on the drive...

    The installer - told me to be careful never to turn it off yet we had a power cut one night ( as we do in this area ) maybe that is when it lost stuff..
    I guess I dont understand linux and networks so im a bit out of my depth...

    Cheers anyway ..

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