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    What can dotgnu do for me

    I'm rather confused as to the real purpose behind the dot* platforms. What are there real purpose. Why should I care about them. What is so special.
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    Isn't an alternative to MS .NET a reason itself to use it? AFAIK it doesn't hold any other improvements over MS' .NET exept that its free software (GPL'd). explains the purpose pretty much


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    from a microsoft perspective the .net technologies are just an advancement on their existing setup. but they are trying to provide a framework of api's and services on top of which the code runs. this will enable them to fundamentally change the way the os works and as long as the underlying framework changes as well all programs wil still work.

    it also enables people to write code in many different languages and compile into one single app. even to the level of defining a class in C# and then subclassing it in VB.Net within the same project.

    In reality, its going to enable MS to change their OS as often as they want and not release any techie info about it. As you won't need to know to be able to write serious apps. you just need to know about the framework. So closed source becomes even more closed. Of course there are pro's as well. they no longer need to worry about legacy support for custom apps as the .NET layer will take care of that.

    It should also enable people to create seriously complex apps in simple langiuages. If you've used VB 6 Studio then you'll understand my definition of simple. Compare a GUI text editor app in VB6 (open, save, cut, copy and paste) to one in C. They are moving towards serious OO design whereby all the complex code has been fully encapsulated in a set of well designed classes.

    I have used VB.NET myself, and found it to be quite clever. However, I think that VB had a big target audience for office and windows power users who need to write simple apps. Now those people need to understand some OOP theory just to write a very simple app. Increased power = increased complexity * 100.
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