Im a volunteer setting up the whole IT infrastructure for a NGO in

Of course, Im proposing Linux, and theres great chance that
it will be accepted.

However, as I was travelling quite a bit lately, Im a bit
out-of-date concerning the latest Linux properties.

First of all, I have a question about the architecture of the
whole site. Therell be 10 users, with some additional visitors
showing up occasionally with own laptops (probably windoze).
Well have one file server. Thats it. Web-server running at
provider, as well as email. The server will probably run
DHCP, NIS (is there something newer/better today?),
and probably some OSS document management system or so.

Users will mainly use firefox, and openoffice.

After a first draft focusing on fat desktops with client installations
of firefox/openoffice, Im getting excited about using thin clients
instead (running linux as well, of course), and putting all the load on the server.

Who has done something like that? Performance? Dimensioning
of the hardware? Any suggestions?

And by the way, is wireless networking for linux still a hot stone
or no-sweat in the meanwhile?

I would appreciate any help!!! Thanks!!!