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Thread: mounting ext2

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    mounting ext2


    I have redhat9/winxp installed on my machine. I wanna try Mandrake9.2. I have around 12 GB data to back up. So i created a new ext2 partition apart from the existing one. So that I can mount that backup(ext2) partition and then backup the data.
    and while installing mandrake, i can go for the option of keeping the existing partitions i guess. so i can have my data backedup.
    can anyone tell me how to mount the backup(ext2) on my existing one

    I'm sorry if it sounds funny. i'm kindaa new to linux.
    thanks in advance

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    What's it device name? Could you do a fdisk -l?

    Do something like, "mount -t ext2 /dev/hdXX /backup" and start copying. Remeber you need -R in "cp" if you are going to copy whole directories.

    Good luck

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    i just did
    mount -t ext2 /dev/hda6 /mnt/backup.
    it didnt give any erroe messages. i think it works. anyway, if u guys have any suggestions, please do tell me.

    thank you

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    Generally, when the application in use doesn't puke out a error message, and instead returns a newline its most likely sucsessful. So whatever you wan't to back up, just copy it to /mnt/backup.

    A really simple example could be: "cp -R /home/ /mnt/backup"

    Good luck

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    I'm sorry i didn't check your message. i just tried it and it worked. i dont think /backup or mnt/backup matters much right. thank you.

    but can you tell me if it is secure for me to go ahead with mandrake installation. i think the diskdrake would ask me if i wanted to keep the existing partitions. if i say yes, would it consider the backup(ext2) as / (root) and format it. I;ma bit scared, coz, there is some valuable data in there. thank you.

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    Well, I haven't used Mandrake partition tool in a very long time, so I don't remeber it 100%, but I think there's some stars/checkbuttons in the installer that you need to enable to make the partition program care about your partition. Don't check it, and I'm quite shure that it simply ignores it.

    Good luck

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    I'm sooo excited. This is the best forum I've been to so far. is there like one person to reply every user or what..

    thank you very much for the help extended.

    Once I install mandrake successfully, I shall reply you.

    I appreciate ur patience.

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