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    File not found Path issue ? with Firefox

    I have a new Ubuntu install on home system replacing Windows 2000. I moved some local web pages over that I use as my home page and navigation .... a frame page (new home frames.htm) with upper frame 90% and lower frame 10%. The lower frame contains a menu bar to navigate and display my local pages which are simply images linked to sites I visit frequently.

    I copied these files to my /home/ubuntu/html folder I created. I can open them all successfully except for the main starting page with the 2 frames ... it errors that it can not find the file search.htm ... which is actually in the folder and can be opened directly by firefox. Search.htm displays as the default in the "content" frame. The files were created using a very simple html editor on Windows and the navigation actually works correctly on another Ubuntu system that is dual boot with Windows, pointing to the files on the vfat partition. I assume that this is either a permission or relative path issue, but I'm stuck on how to fix it.

    I have tried editing the src reference in my frame page to add /home/ubuntu/html/search.htm in different ways ... still will not find that html page. I can open just the hew home menu.htm (the lower frame menu) and it will link to the pages, but gets overlaid on the screen without the upper frame to display the page you navigate to.

    When I open only the lower menu bar html file and hover my mouse over the link to the Search entry it shows file:///home/ubuntu/html/search.htm and it will link to and launch the search if I select it to navigate back to it from another page as an alternative to just hitting home page in Firefox.

    Trying to figure out how to fix Ubuntu's ability to resolve / find the file, or is there another way to do this, e.g. a style sheet (loaded Nvu but it does not edit frames except in text mode - never done a style sheet before.)

    This is pretty simple code (below) - search.htm is supposed to open as default in the top frame and new home menu.htm opens in the lower frame as my navigation bar with 2 rows of 5 columns with links to the local pages.

    Here's a text view of the home page with the frames ...



    <!-- $MVD$:app("MicroVision WebExpress","770") -->

    <!-- $MVD$:template("","0","0") -->

    <!-- $MVD$:color("18","80ff","Orange","0") -->

    <!-- $MVD$:color("19","ffd6ce","Lavender","0") -->

    <TITLE>New Home Frames</TITLE>

    <META NAME="FORMATTER" CONTENT="MicroVision Development / WebExpress">








    This page is designed for use with a browser that supports frames.&nbsp;





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    Fixed it .... capitalization problem with the file name for search.htm ... not sure why, but when copied from Windows where it was lower case, it changed it to upper case Search.htm

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    On Windows filesystems, files are not case-sensitive. This means that "search.html" and "Search.html" are the same. So sometimes when transferring files, things get renamed in odd ways.

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