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    Apache File Syncronization


    I have redhat 9.0 installed on 2 systems with apache web server, would like to know how do i run a file checking utility to verify that my index.html
    has not been changed from the primary server which is hosted live on the internet and the checking and verification should be done from the backup webserver.

    I do not know much in linux but what i have heard people say to do this and do that: This is what my friends have to say but i dont know how to implement the same:

    A1: Run a rsyncn or a cronjob it should verify the date, time and size of index.html only and if suppose the file size or date or time is different then it will copy automatically the required index.html from the backup server.

    But how should i do this and what are the command line parameters for the same, and if anyone has any GUI utility to do the same, then it would be great...


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    rsync will automatically check whether the file is updated and copy it over if its modified...i think it does this using the timestamp utility, so even if you just do a vi and save it with the new time-stamp and dont actually modify anything in the file, rsync will still copy it over from the backup server.
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