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    Screenshots of a computer display

    Is there anyway, such as using 2 computers and somehow outputting the display into a 2nd computer to take the screenshots, or whatever, to be able to take screenshots of whats on the display even when your not in an OS? For example, instead of putting a camera up to the monitor to get some cheesy picture, is there a way to actually take a screenshot of the display when it is at the BIOS? If so, how?

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    At the BIOS, level I don't think u can. However at the OS level there are a few diff ways. For example u can use remote connection to view what the person is doing, or use VNC for that but that'll show "live" what the user is doing. Taking screen shots, u can get a specific type of a "keylogger" that has the capabilities of taking shots of the screen

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    The only good way I can think of is to use VMWare or something like that and take the screenshots with the host OS.
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    Yes, VmWare is awsome for this kind of thing. I've used it a few times to take screen shots of installation procedures and that sort of thing. Plus, the server is now free for both linux and windows.

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    A possible high quality solution would involve a RGB to S-Video converter available at stores, get your video card output (a splitter is possible in the middle to fork to standard display) to a such converter and then insert to second PC with a VIVO card, and record the video signal with capturing software. This way you can record everything including BIOS screen, and everything else.

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