So, I have a fedora core 5 system with an asus a8v motherboard, and a amd x2 proccesor, and a e western digital sata drive, and antec smartpower 500 watt psu. Well, everyone in a while my system completely locks up, I could ctrl - alt F1 or F2 but I cant do anything there login.

Anyway, These messages print out
ata1: command oxca timeout stat ox50 host - stat ox4
ata1: status 0x50 {drive ready} seek complete.

My boot parameters kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.17-1.2174_FC5smp ro root=LABEL=/32 rhgb pci=nommconf pci=noacpi ide=nodma pci=routeirq nolacpi noacpi disableapic quiet

I added those in vain attempts to solve this problem.
I added pci=nommconf from because i had the nvrm xid problem also.

the others i just found on forums. I thought I stopped it for a few weeks.

This is really annoying. I hope it isnt hardware.

I plan to upgrade to fedora core 6 tommarow.