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Thread: ip question

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    ip question

    is there a command or program that can show me a list of ip addresses connected to a ip that i provide?

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    Re: IP question

    Not sure what you mean.
    Can you describe in more detail?

    Are you refering to ifconfig or netstat ??

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    If you're asking how to see a list of IP addresses that are connected to a listening service on your box, you can use something like:
    netstat -atn | grep ':22 '
    This uses netstat to show all tcp connections, and doesn't try to resolve IPs to names. The grep command is to narrow the results down. The colon ( : ) before the port number and the space afterwards will help so you don't get false positives (e.g. 1022, 222, etc.).

    In your case you'll want to grep for the port your service is listening on.

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    ok. what im wantin to try to do is get a list of player ip addresses from a game server. ive been told that there is a command that can do this in windows but i dont know it and was wonderin if anyone knew of a Linux command to do the same.

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