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Thread: NTL broadband

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    NTL broadband

    I am about to install mandrake 9.2 but wanted to just check to see NTL broadband would work first. I rang the help line only to be greeted by a welsh man who though linux was solely a command driven os . Anyway is anybody currently running mandrake 9.2 with NTL broadband?

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    Atleast the welsh man had even heard of linux. I don't have that particular bb (in US), but mine bb worked fine under Mandrake 9.1, and I don't know why there would be any issue.

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    For some reason i thought asking my provider if it would work would make sense , wont make that mistake again . He made a very big point to me that he had no idea how to install it. btw i meant no offense to any other welsh people.

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    I know that NTL dialup is very hard to configure. this is the fault of ntl who activly bloack linux users as they cannot install spyware ont he linux systems - fact - So with ntl broadband Your Milage May Vary

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    thanks, if i do run into any problems then i am sure there are plenty of other providers who want my money

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    Jason is on NTL IIRC maybe he can help.

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    I've used nthell dialup and am on their broadband at the moment. Had no problems whatsover.
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    yeah, NTL is cool for nix

    i was on NTL broadband until i recently moved house

    as long as you use the ethernet connection if your using the cable modem then you will be fine and dandy. if your using the set-top-box to get your bb, then its always an ethernet connection. either one will work with no problems at all.

    just set your network up to use DHCP to get your ip addy and whatnot, and it will take care of itself. its a great service, and ive never had any problems with it at all, the only reason i had to switch to BT was cause i moved house.

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    ntl broadband

    I got ntl broadband - works like a dream. small point though. for the intial software they got some fancy windows installer. which causes a problem as you need it to create your account. I used a windows pc to set it up then connected it to my linux box.
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    you dont need the windows thingumy

    you dont actually need the windows app for activation.

    the only windows box i had here when i had the cable instaled was a way old p75 running win95. it wouldnt run the included software, and obviously it wouldnt run on the nix box. all you actually need to do is call up tech support and get the ip address of the 'registration page'. the account activation is little more than typing in the numbers on your introductory letter into a webpage and ntl activate your cable. its pretty painless, and any web-browser can do it.

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