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    HOWTO: Find a version of something

    If it was installed by RPM you can use this shell command (as root) to find out what version you have installed of any program on your box.

    Example for squirrelmail:

    rpm --query -a | grep squirrelmail

    And some others:

    rpm --query -a | grep exim

    rpm --query -a | grep sendmail

    To see the entire list:

    rpm --query -a

    This isn't 100% because some programs are inside other packages. Like the "net-tools" package contains things like "ifconfig, netstat, route" and others.

    For that you could use a command like this:

    rpm --query -ai | grep -B 10 -A 10 netstat

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    Some distro use PKG-CONFIG for information about installed versions of applications.

    The location of ".pc" files are in:
    Or other locations.

    You can read the ".pc" files using ordinary text editor, or "cat *.pc" to list the content of the files.

    cat *.pc > application_list.txt

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