While I would prefer to use Bigslack (based on the Slackware 7.0 release), as it has pretty much all I want in it, I have this problem where my laptop's IDE drive is fails to be detected. I tried mounting the drive normally, but I get an error, something about scsd0.* (brain isn't working right at this moment, and the extension escapes me now... By the way, doesn't "scsd" point torward a scuzzy device?) not being found in fstab or mtab.

I then went on to try Zipslack (based on SW 8.1), which is a compact version of Bigslack. Of course, I had no trouble mounting the cdrom in the distro I did not want.

Could the solution be as simple as swapping the different kernels? I hope so, but I'm open to any other solution (I would hate to take the long way out by installing the hundreds of packages I want indidually under ZipSlack).

P.S. I know some of you might be disgusted that I'm using UMSDOS based distros, but it seems to run faster than either ext3 or reiserfs 3.6 on my platform.