Hi all,

I have ext3 partitions and RH9 and SUSE 9.3 systems using the same /home (ext3) partition
Something happened and disk inconsistencies appeared in two of my partitions (/RH9, /home). Using my SUSE installation I applied

fsck to /RH9 and /home partitions.

When fsck reported that there are about 300000 common references to the same inode and it started to duplicate the references (if I remember correctly), I had to stop "fsck" with <CTRL> -Z and then kill. When I applied fsck again, I replied "no" to the duplication question.

After everything was cleared, I could not see my home-account. I only see some lost-found files. But the majority of my files cannot be seen.

df reports that files STILL occupy some SPACE in the disk. But "du" and any other linux command do not see the files.

Is there a possibility to recover those files?

Thanks in advance for your help.