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    Unaccessible HD (Linux installation)


    I recently installed Linux (Kubuntu) on my main HD as I wanted to try a change to Linux, everything was well but I decided to install Win XP on the same HD to try something for a friend. I have never really messed around with partitions or had two OSs on one HD. The Win XP partition page showed me, on my 40GB HD, a partition of 38G and one of 2G, not knowing what the 2G one was, I deleted it, and used that space for Win XP. In the My Computer page I would only see one "HD" (C), which was a bit confusing as I thought I could see the 38gb partition as a second HD, although this didn't really matter. The problem is that since then, I am unable to access my Linux partition. I tried removing the 2G windows partition, but now my computer acts as if I had a clean HD. I tried running this 40GB HD as slave to another one that runs Linux, but I still couldn't access it. Using partition magic, I saw that the Linux partition showed as something specific to linux (such as LINUX) instead of NTFS/FAT32.

    So.. does anyone know how I can get access to this HD? I'm going to try, once I get my hands on my Linux CD, to install Linux on another HD and see if with a Linux HD as master I can access my 40GB Linux HD as slave.

    Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: Oh, and I don't really know what the thread title is supposed to mean .

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    bootup from Kubuntu CD and post the output 'sudo fdisk -l' command.

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