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Thread: LILO splash

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    LILO splash


    I am using gentoo (but I think the solution will come as distro-independent so plz keep reading)

    I use lilo as my bootloader and it looks as dull as you can possibly imagine. I use to have SUSE long time ago and it too used lilo and that looked awesome. It has a nice transparent look and fonts were good etc...
    Does anybody know how to configure lilo for using themes/splash images or any other way to get the desired effects mentioned above?
    Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Howdy apoorv_khurasia:

    I can't verify the techniques at this time, but the source code tarball includes a README.bitmaps file which describes how to change the bitmap displayed on LILO start-up and how to position and colour the text.

    In short, if you have LILO v22.3 or later, in lilo.conf the keyword:


    should display xyz.bmp as the splash screen. Be forewarned, there seem to be constraints on the size and resolution the bmp and not all distributions use the same techniques. It is likely that:

    lilo -E xyz.bmp

    may be needed. I reccomend checking out the README file.

    Sourced from lilo-22.7.3.src.tar.gz (
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    got it working....thanks for the link...and you do not need lilo -E....once u specify all options in lilo.conf you just have to run /sbin/lilo

    Thanks for the splash screen now looks awesome!!!
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    --Rob Pike
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