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    Removing already generated keys

    Here is the scenario. I have 2 servers serv1 and serv2. Previously i
    had a crontab in serv4 that backed data from serv1 with login as
    "thecoolone" on both servers. And this crontab was functioning properly
    Now i tried to make a new crontab in serv4 under a new login "user1"
    and the same login "thecoolone" on serv1. After i made this crontab and
    tried to execute both the old one and the one i just created, neither
    of them work. And so i want to remove the entry (i.e public key copy
    and authorized_keys entry) that i made on serv1 under "thecoolone"
    login so that atleast the crontab that was working before starts
    working again.

    Anyone know how to do that?

    Any help is always appreciated.

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    Appending a new entry to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys does not break any entries that were already there!

    Is it possible you accidentally overwrote what was there? If so, easy fix: Just append the public key contents to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys again.

    Make sense?

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