I am a newly hired sys admin for an engineering group. They are running a very processor intensive proprietary data analysis software on linux. This software is a graphical plotting software that runs in X windows. Currently, they have 50 or so total users with an average of 7 or so at a time running the software. As of now, there are 3 machines (8 processor (4 dual core opteron) w/8gb of ram) availible to the group. They VNC from their windows desktops into one of the machines and run the software. If more than a couple of users are already logged in, the machine runs very slow and they logout and try agian on one of the other two machines.
What I am hopeing to do is setup some sort of load balancer or cluster system. I would like to take a smaller 4th system to act as a head that they would connect to, the head would be monitoring processor utilization on all the of the machines, and transparently connect the user to the machine with the most free resources. Is there any project out there that supports a setup like this? From what I have been finding on load balancing project so far they all seemed to be geared towards web services.
Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!