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Thread: Dux Linux

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    Dux Linux

    Message to all to promote the development of Dux Linux

    Dux Linux is a linux distribution which plans to have the following:
    ~ Ability to run Windows / Linux / Apple Software
    ~ Have a 3D Desktop as a GUI
    ~ many many more things

    ... No current web site for this distribution, click here to read more about it though:

    We are currently looking for developers, artists, and anybody who wants to help. Please contact me if you are interested.

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    You are aware of what you're getting into, right?
    Let me explain some of the basic things here:

    There's been a project trying to get Windows applications to run on Linux for about ten years or so; it's called Wine. They're not really that successful yet, and you know why? It's because the Win32 API is really poorly documented at the "back end". What the functions do and stuff is pretty well documented, but their actual semantics isn't even touched. Plus, many MS apps use undocumented API calls (such as Internet Explorer), making them very hard to run.
    Also, Windows graphics are implemented at kernel level, which is really one of the worst things about Windows. These can of course be emulated through X, but you can't really rewrite the kernel, as you first stated, to do these things.

    This is your greatest problem. Unless you want to build a PPC and/or m68k emulation layer (which you don't want to if you want any kind of performance), all applications will have to be recompiled anyway, since binaries won't be able to run. Maybe you could design some HLE recompiler, but that won't really guarantee stability (rather the opposite, actually). There are also tons of Apple libs that won't be easy to port. It's probably even more advanced than Windows emulation, where the latter really isn't easy.

    And about that 3D desktop; sure, it might be possible, but it won't be a multi-user system, so to speak. =)

    Just the challenge of finding docs (Win calls, Mac calls, PPC references, etc., etc.) for all of this is overwhelming. You'll need some heavy sponsoring.
    If you get some sponsoring, mail me and I might be able to help out with some things.

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