I have a laptop that has a single partition with the OS installed. I'm trying to shrink this partition so I can create another partition for a second OS. Unfortunately, the partition is ext3 and I need to convert it to ext2 before I can shrink it.

Could somebody tell me (or provide a good link) what exactly is involved and what steps are to be taken in converting a root (with OS install) partition from ext3 to ext2. I know you have to remove the journal, and that the partion must be unmounted for the opertation to take place (for which reason I have a knoppix DVD,) I also know that some system files need to be adjusted in the OS but am not sure which ones.

Just to clarify: it is a laptop with a single partition beside the swap. The partition is an ext3 with Ubuntu Linux installed. It is this partition that I need to shrink. Thankyou.